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Tamarinde daycare

Tasks: The aim is to find a good balance between learning and playing. There is a basic schedule to be followed including English lessons, art, singing, dancing, lunch for the children and for the smallest their nap. Depending on the age group you will assist there may be diapers that need changing or clothes that need washing. If you have any ideas you are welcome to introduce them to small rotating groups. The activity can last up to 30 minutes before getting the next group. like this all children can attend your special game or artclass.

Working hours: 8.30 am - 3.00 pm
(including breaks and meals meaning 5 hours of actual work)
At 9 in the morning the children arrive. Before this time you can put up any items needed for your activity. At three the children will have been taken home. Any toys or art-materials used during the day need to be counted and put back in the designated boxes.

Language: The children speak TWI and very little English. We therefore ask you to only speak Enlish to improve theirs. We ask you to refrain from speaking Dutch/Belgian to the children, because this will only confuse them.

Contact person: The teacher you are assisting is the one to discuss day to day issues with. Do you need further assistance concerning the Daycare then Adwoa is the appointed contact person. Reagarding food and accomodation Adwoa is the person to talk to. Marlieke will stay in touch through email.

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