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KinderGarten Kokobeng

Tasks: You are to assist Vivian and Emilia with their daily program. They each educate around thirty toddlers. In Ghana children are not expected to play in school. Parents are impressed when their children can repeat the alphabet and count to hundred. We do however encourage art and other ways of learning but introduced as an extra rather than a new method of teaching. The tables are especially made to form groups of six during art or playful learning. Do not expect too much of the children but enjoy the laughter and creativity which will fill the classroom during your presence!

Working hours: 8.00 am - 12.00
Any preparations and planning can be made in the conference room.

Language: The teachers speak English but the toddlers mainly speak TWI, the local language. We ask you to speak English so they can learn along the way.

Contact person: Day to day issues concerning your work can be discussed with Vivian and Emilia. Do you need further assistance concerning your work then Headmaster Emmanuel is the appointed contact person. Regarding food or accomodation Adwoa is the person to talk to. Marlieke will stay in touch through email.

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