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Volunteering: The Traditional Way

GoodWorldGhana FARM facilitates experience in sustainable living at the GoodWorldGhana SMILE compound and gardens, organic farming, permaculture, alternative building/energy etc. GWG FARM also provides an intercultural eco-experience which promotes understanding and tolerance.

GWG FARM Kumasi is slightly different from standard GWG. You will be lodging with Non FARM-ing volunteers who work on different locations and support other projects. We ask FARM-ers for the accomodation fee but not the organization and project fee. This because we expect you to come to Kumasi independantly by public transport. And you will not need our guidance regarding your work and getting to know Ghanaian culture.
Basically we expect you to be more independant than other volunteers.

You have to register with GoodWorldGhana FARM to join, the cost is 25 euros for your documentation and admission.

What can you expect with GWG FARM
FARM Volunteers

Live at the SMILE compound and get hands-on experience with Ghanaian farming and sustainable practices, cooking, bread making, crafts, planting, livestock, composting and a whole lot more. Volunteers like "seeing things grow and being part of the team I' m FARMing with ".

We as Host

Enjoy passing on knowledge of traditional practices. This way of cultivating land is very labor intensive and hosts appreciate having a helping hand with their projects. Hosts like "to welcome the world and live and learn together" by sharing their lifestyle with others.

When you are interested in this GoodWorldGhana eco farm project you have to commit to the following:

- Be available for at least 5 weeks
- Work 6 hours on weekdays.
- GWG works with traditional farming, don't expect high tech organics.

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