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Sports Coaching and Sportsday

Location: Kokobeng, 5 minutes walk

Tasks: Assess how many children/youngsters/adults would like to participate in sports. Have a trial training. Try to get a steady group of people to join your training. Divide those interested into groups according to their age. Ask them which day, time is best for them and make a schedule accordingly. Prepare for each gathering. How many gatherings occur during the week depends on interest and possible different age groups. If you have enough time during your stay you are welcome to organize matches. Any material used during the day needs to be cleaned, counted and put back in its original place. Kokobeng has a footbal team which would also like you as a coach during your stay!

Working hours: 12.00 - 4.00 pm
Any preparations and planning can be made in the morning.

Language: The teenagers and adults speak English but some of your young players may only speak TWI, the local language. We ask you to speak English during your training so they can learn along the way.

Contact person: Asare teaches gym at the primary school, you can ask him which kids would be interested. Emmanuel is the Headmaster and to be consulted in case you would like to organise a match. Kwabena knows day to day things like where to find materials and how to assess interest within the community. Regarding food and accomodation Adwoa is the person to talk to. Marlieke will stay in touch through email.

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