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Our projects.

Tamarinde Daycare Assisting at our daycare.
In 2009 two local women started running the daycare lacated within the SMILE complex. Over the years they have been followed by other women and men and now they run 4 classrooms with an average of 75 children. All assistence is welcome and the kids love the personal attention of our volunteers..more...


Steet Youth Bread & Soap Training Natural handmade production
Our bread & soap workshop is currently producing various hand made products for the local market. When joining this project you will contribute to a brighter future for our streetkids and in the proccess learn how to produce hand made soaps and local bread types. more...


SMILE tutoring / coursesOrganizing tutoring / courses
The conference room at SMILE is available for tutoring after school or during holidays. Two big tables, plenty chairs and a black board can be used. For courses the courtyard or playground can also be used. There are several labtops to train basic computing skills.

SMILE Agricultural projects Agricultural activities. Wwoof GWGhana
Only recently we have started cultivating the land with the prospect of feeding our occupants and selling the surplus in town. Revenue will be used to buy rice and some other items we cannot grow ourselves. more...

Where would you stay?

Location: SMILE - Kokobeng, 20 kilometers / 1 hour from Kumasi.
Facilities: running water, electricity during daytime, flushing toilet and showers, clean, spacious.
Lodging: A dorm with shared facilities provide lodging for up to 6 volunteers simultaneously. Josephine cooks and Adwoa cultivates the land, producing the majority of your food. Kwabena is the janitor as well as teacher. During the week Emanuel, Kate, Jennifer, Abigail and our volunteers attend four groups of children.
Environment: The green slopes invite you to take walks. The source is definitely worth visiting as are the village spots (bars). The compound has a quiet atmosphere but when the wind blows in the right direction you can enjoy “Radio Kokobeng” broadcast by megaphone!

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