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Street Youth / Soap Production training

Tasks: You will assist the trainees (former street youth and youngsters from Kokobeng) with their soapmaking. This includes fetching and scraping oranges and lemongrass to make natural fragrances. You will accompany them when selling the different blocks of soap in the surrounding villages and you may be asked to join them in buying new ingredients for next batches. We ask you to teach the trainees some basic English and a bit of math so they can keep a simple accounting of income and expenses of their soap.

Working hours: 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
(including breaks and meals meaning 4 hours of actual work)
The English and math can be taught 3 times a week during an hours class. There is a blackboard you can use.

Note: All used items have to be cleaned and put back in place

Language: The trainees speak TWI and very little English. We therefore ask you to only speak Enlish to improve theirs.

Contact person
: Kwabena is the one to discuss day to day issues with depending the soapmaking. Do you need further assistance concerning the former street youth then Adwoa is the appointed contact person. Regarding food and accomodation Adwoa is the person to talk to. Marlieke will stay in touch through email.

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