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Februari: Hot - Dry- dusty   3 volunteers. 02 02 2012 - 1 euro = GH¢ 2.15

Paint job

Kokobeng kindergarten, which was built in 2008 thanks to a generous donation from Jante, her parents en friends, needed repainting. When Jante asked how the school was doing and if there was anything needed she was happy to finance it.

Even more so; the family decided to give yet another large sum which they received during the 25th anniversary of their camping.

Jante and Evens are now running the place and also offer Latin-American dance-lessons and delicious Caribean buffets!

With this donation we were not only able to repaint the school but also to finish painting the SMILE building and the chicken farm. The bottom part is now dark brown which nicely hides the smudges of children's hands. The top is baby blue like the sky, a very happy color.

And we were finally able to purchase aluminium ladders to get to the top much safer than with those scary looking Ghanaian scaffolds!

Asare and Kwabena painted everything nicely and it all looks brandnew!

GoodWorldGhana and the community of Kokobeng wish to thank Jante, her family and friends for making this possible!

The back corridor

The make-over

Daycare teachers
The daycare has finally found what we hope to be two permanent teachers! Esther has plenty of experience as a daycare attendant and works

Volunteers and 1st daycare tower

very hard. Besides taking care of the children she also shows initiative in doing activities like the ones previous volunteers have suggested in a manual. With her songs she can let almost any child stop crying and communication with the volunteers is good!
- As the amount of children is increasing and unfortunately Janske and Marieke could not stay forever it has become too much for Esther alone. Therefore Erik was welcomed to assist her, but he is still on trial-

And Kingsly has lots of experience as a teacher and is very dedicated to his children. He teaches the older ones some basics to prepare them for primary school. In case the driver for the school bus fails to show up he picks up all the children and takes them home again in the afternoon. As we are thinking of a way to improve the school bus situation it is wonderful that he is willing to help out in the meantime!

School bus
Thanks to the school bus more than 50 children can visit the daycare! They come from 6 different villages and it takes the bus at least one hour to collect them all. Most goes according to plan and the kids arrive at the daycare around 9 pm. and leave around 3. Unfortunately to achieve this the driver just waits in the bus until it is time to bring the children home.
These last 6 months we have had about 8 different drivers but none of them turned out to be dependable.

They can earn more money as a trotro driver and therefore regard the rides to the daycare as a nuisance rather than the main goal. We would like to return to our initial idea of a staff member only driving the kids and the school bus to be parked on the compound the rest of the time. But any brake down will remain a problem as the daycare fee is not enough to cater for garage costs. The trotro rides pay for maintenance.  Nonetheless, the more kilometers the vehicle makes the more maintenance it needs... So we are still looking for a solution.

Orange tree

Store room
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