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Oktober: Moderate - Wet   6 volunteers. 05 10 2010 - 1 euro = GH¢ 1.91

First PTA meeting
To make sure parents are committed to their children’s education all schools in Ghana have a PTA. Monday the 4th of October the first meeting took place. About half of the parents came and asked many questions. They will be divided into two groups. Every month one group gets together to do something useful for the daycare.  All registered children received a membership card and the morning was considered to be a good start!

PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting.
Java style
The first kitchen garden is completed and several crops are growing fast! As the land starts to slope where the second one is planned, a Java style terrace has been dug to prevent the seeds from being washed away. Grass has been planted in the dyke between the two kitchen gardens, to ensure it will hold even during heavy rainfall.

carrots, cabbage and beans.

the new nursery bed. six more to go to finish the veggie gardens.
they will look like the fish that live in the Sacred Water Source on the other side of the village.

Dog meat and dead rooster

Some time ago 'Mister Green' was brought to the SMILE compound by a volunteer.
Ghanaians in general are not very nice to dogs. Since the volunteers where cuddling Mister Green, he grew very fond of them. His hostility towards Ghanaians was growing at the same rate making him a good

watchdog but for the staff and daycare children he was a big nuisance. When he became ill they were not sad to see him die, but a new volunteer took it upon herself to take care of him and thus he survived. Then he killed a rooster (worth 10 cedis) from the compound. A neighbor known for his appetite for dogs, was informed and paid 10 cedis for Mister Green. This was the sudden end of our racist dog.

Bad road
Finally after 4 months of searching a driver agreed to collect the new daycare children from the 3 surrounding villages. However his first two days his trotro was broken and he cancelled the contract. Yao took over with landrover. On Wednesday the children were picked up and brought home by a new driver, hurray! Thursday morning the driver had to bring his (new) trotro to the garage to
repair damage from the Kokobeng roads. Later that day he decided the road was truly bad and also cancelled the job, so Yao picked up the children again. That same day, in a last effort, Adwoa talked to several more trotro owners from the area but they all declined. Transport needs to be reliable to open the second classroom. This may sound like too much to ask in Ghana but we sure do want to try. So we are going for

Plan B: Find funds to buy a proper school bus and let Kwabena get his drivers license to operate it.

Cracks, Frogs and Fish

The first water tank has been repaired 4 times after its construction was finished in May. Unfortunately it still fails to hold the pressure some weeks after the last repair. The soil around it has not been compressed enough to counter the force calculated. The second tank is working just fine and incedentaly became a frog pond. Within 2 days the eggs turned into frogfish, you can almost watch them grow! Yesterday we added some predatory fish to keep the frog population in balance. Those fish came from the local stream behind Kokobeng village and can grow up to 50 cm. long. Fully matured

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