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September: Cold - Wet   5 volunteers. 28 08 2010 - 1 euro = GH¢ 1.8

School starts again!
The holidays are over.
On the first of September the schools were said to resume their curriculum. But hey, we're in Ghana;-) The first, second and third of September no classes were given so the daycare did not receive the normal amount of children. Maike and Mijke were able to get to know the children present very well but are eagerly looking forward to Monday. Everyone now says on Monday they will definitely start again.

The kitchen garden is becoming more organized.
Henrike and Emma are using some of grandpa's old tricks to keep veggies from being chopped by snails, mice, chicken or sheep. The water bottles we have collected over the years have been put to good use and are serving as a mini green house and protecting force fields.

We would like to introduce a new Day-care attendant. Julie wanted to continue her education so she decided to say goodbye to Tamarinde daycare. Before leaving however she worked alongside the new attendant to make sure we would not have to do without. Emilia Duah has experience as a teacher and sunday-school assistant. She acknowledges the importance of playfull learning so we hope she will be able to give the toddlers what they need in cooperation with our volunteers.
In the next update we hope to be able to say Esther (attendant) has found a reliable trotro driver to get her and the children from Foase and villages on the way to Tamarinde Daycare on a daily basis. Annesophie (a former volunteer) decorated the interior of the second daycare with the donations she received from friends and family. All is ready and merely awaiting the children.

Second half of the rain season.
After a couple of relatively dry weeks the last part of the rain season has kicked in ant will last untille the end of September. With showers even during the day the water can not always find a quiet path and swirls across the road putting all
sorts of shops temporarily out of business. Combined with the afternoon sun it creates plenty of sharp rainbows. If the wind starts to play with a monsoon?? rain you
can enjoy the best shower ever! To complete the wall however we prefer it if the rain would stick to it's usual routine which is to fall during the night;-)
The inside kitchen has a sink. The waste water goes directly into the flowerbed situated on the outside. various flowering plants have already been planted and fresh soil was added recently. The brown and blue painted background complete the pretty color pallet.

Custom made top tiles for the wall.
Yao created a mold which Henrike and Nancy fill with concrete every other day, making 7 top tiles a time. These tiles will cover the top of the wall and
prevent the rain from eroding the blocks until we have plastered the entire wall. The tiles are fixed with a slight tilt to guide the water outside the compound. It also gives the wall a nice finishing touch.
There are at least 700 tiles
needed to cover the entire wall.We can make 3 sets a week... Nancy calculated exactly how much cement and how many buckets of gravel we need for a set of seven. It took 5 tries to get the mixture right, but now we have it. No more leftovers!


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